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Is Liberal Democracy compatible with Islam?

  by Raluca Csernatoni The 20th century has witnessed three major waves of democratic expansionism corresponding to dramatic periods in the theoretical and empirical development of liberal democracy: the first … Continue reading

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Article Review: “Ethical Power Europe”, Between Realism and Idealism

by Raluca Csernatoni Adrian Hyde-Price, “A ‘tragic actor’? A realist perspective on ‘ethical power Europe’.” International Affairs 84:1 (2008): 29-44 Ian Manners, “The normative ethics of the European Union.” International … Continue reading

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The Future of Transatlantic Relations: An Improved Common Security and Defense Policy for a Better Partnership

by Raluca Csernatoni The following article was originally published by the German Marshall Fund’s blog competition on Transatlantic Cooperation. You can view the original here.  The future of the transatlantic … Continue reading

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Europe’s House of Cards? Between Democratic Deficit and CSDP Legitimacy

by Raluca Csernatoni Jürgen Habermas, the esteemed philosopher and recognized ‘Last European’, might have overstated the downfall of the European ideal by saying that Europe is ‘experiencing a dismantling of … Continue reading

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Policy Briefs: European Energy Security in Light of the Ukraine Crisis

by Jared Brow Escalation of the crisis in Ukraine has directly threatened energy security in Europe and is forcing policy makers to evaluate the lack of diversification among European energy … Continue reading

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Policy Briefs: ‘The Game of Drones’ – Hybrid Unmanned Vehicles as the Next Step in EU Defence

by Raluca Csernatoni In times of economic austerity, the recent debates on defence capabilities have centred on Europe’s clear development and innovation lag, warned against the cuts in national defence … Continue reading

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The Cost of UN Peacekeeping – A Good Deal or a Waste of Money?

By Saara Ilmonen Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies in cooperation with VVN organised a lunch lecture with a topic of “The Cost of UN Peacekeeping – A Good Deal … Continue reading

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The Need for Greater Transatlantic Cybersecurity Cooperation

by Jared Brow Defining Cyberspace Cybersecurity is a vague blanket term that encompasses a variety of security threats,mainly due to the fact that cyberspace itself is borderless. Cyberspace is not … Continue reading

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The Dronisation of Wars – “La Dronisation de la Guerre, entre Stratégie et Normes?”

by Manuel Tornago During the event “La Dronisation de la Guerre, entre Stratégie et Normes?”, organized by the Madariaga College of Europe Foundation and held on 13 June 2014 in … Continue reading

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Policy Briefs: Libya’s Rubicon – From Democratic Transition to Civil Chaos

by Raluca Csernatoni After almost two years since the July 2012 elections, the Libyan crisis has not shown any signs of de-escalation: the country continues to face political turmoil, tribal … Continue reading

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2014 – Afghanistan in Transition

By Manuel Tornago “Are we going to witness a security crash followed by an economic break-down?” Such is the opening question that Dr. Beate Maeder-Metcalf, Vice-President and Director for Regional … Continue reading

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Overhauling transatlantic security thinking: A conference presented by the Security & Defence Agenda

by Jared Brow The Security and Defence Agenda hosted its annual conference “Overhauling transatlantic security thinking” last week at the Palais d’Egmont, which provided an opportunity for debate in the … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines: Somalia

By Saara Ilmonen There are promising signs of progress in Somalia, but it still remains the country that first comes to mind when thinking of a failed state. The country … Continue reading

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G7 in Brussels: Excluding Russia for a Summit Dominated by the Ukrainian Crisis

by Jared Brow G7 – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain, the U.S., and representatives from the European Union – met earlier this week in Brussels for the first time … Continue reading

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