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The 10 Best Articles on International Security Issues this week

The following is a new feature from ISIS Europe. Each week we will provide a collection of 10 must reads from around the web on issues pertaining to international security. Simply click the article title to open a new tab.

This week’s top 10 (in alphabetical order) are:

Assessing UNSCR 1540: Ten Years On by James R. Holmes

The Diplomat

“UN Security Council Resolution 1540 just celebrated its 10th birthday. So far, it has a mixed record.”


Cyber wrap by Simon Hansen

The Strategist

The latest in cybersecurity news from across the web.


Is the Transnistrian Frozen Conflict Next? Moldova’s Fuzzy Position between Russia and the West by Raluca Csernatoni

ISIS Europe

Is the Russian-dominated region of Tranistria in Moldova the next to face Russian advances? And what is the EU doing to stop this from occurring?


Permission to Board? Challenges to seizing drugs at sea in the Indian Ocean by  The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

Drug trafficking from Afghanistan is becoming increasingly maritime in nature, and there is no simple solution to stop this trend increasing.


Slovyansk is the Center of the Bermuda Triangle by The XX Committee

The XX Committee

An independent journalist from Belarus recounts his experience in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slovyansk, a stronghold of pro-Russian fighters.


The Counterinsurgency Debate by Andrew Shaver

The National Interest

How economic opportunity is NOT a key factor in stemming insurgency.


The Future of Mexico’s Self-defense Groups by Alejandro Gamboa

International Security Observer

The move by the Mexican government to incorporate Mexico’s self-defense groups into a legal framework might have serious repercussions down the road.


The Gateway to Middle Easy and the Exchange of Roles by Fadi Elhusseini

A look at the changing dynamic between Egypt, Iran, and Turkey.


The Kremlin’s marriage of convenience with the European far right by Anton Shekhovtsov


An analysis of the pervasive alliance between Putin and the European far right.


The NRA has declared war on America by Ana Marie Cox

The Guardian

Guardian journalist Ana Marie Cox goes undercover at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting.


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