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The 10 Best Articles on International Security Issues this week

Each week we provide a collection of 10 must reads from around the web on issues pertaining to international security. Simply click the article title to open a new tab.

This week’s top 10 (in alphabetical order) are:

Analyzing Organized Crime by The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime 

A summary of organized crime news from across the globe this month.

A Sunni-Shia Bridge Too Far by Ali A. Allawi & Nassima Neggaz

Project Syndicate

The strain between Sunni-Shia relations in Iraq is perhaps the largest challenge the country needs to address post-election. 

Beyond the law – towards more effective strategies for protecting human rights by Emilie Hafner-Burton


Human rights promoters need to realize that while we work mainly through NGOs, it is state power that plays the decisive role in much of world politics. Rethinking human rights. 

Central African Republic: Taking Refuge at the Airport by UNOCHA


A beautifully crafted, yet troubling look at the crisis in the Central African Republic.

Kenya’s Current Probe On Terror – Why Operation Usulama Watch Won’t Cut It by Peter Oling’o

All Africa

Kenya’s recent anti-terrorism initiative “bears a striking similarity to the one mounted against the terrorists during the Westgate Mall attack in that both are bullish, brutal, impulse driven and reactionary.”

Indian Foreign Policy Under Narendra Modi by Sudha Ramachandran

The Diplomat

What does Indian’s imminent new leader, Narendra Modi, mean by a ‘tough’ response to Pakistan?

The Pizza Connection: Fighting The Mafia Through Food by The Kitchen Sisters

National Public Radio (NPR)

In an area of Sicily where the Mafia ruled for years, citizens are fighting back. By growing their own food. 

Understanding – and Misunderstanding – NATO’s Role in the Ukraine Crisis by Sean Kay

The National Interest

The central problem with NATO enlargement was not so much the first round (Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic)—but rather a consequent logic of an “open door” that came with it.”

United Nations Peace Operations Facing Dual Crises in the Sudans by Laurie Mincieli

International Security Observer

Both UNMISS and UNAMID are overstretched in Sudan. As a result, the outlook is bleak for the region.

Venezuela: Unarmed Protestors Beaten, Shot by Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch

A summary of the recent report on Venezuela’s ongoing protests by Human Rights Watch.


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