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Critical infrastructure protection in the cyber-age

By Manuel Tornago On June 30th, the Security & Defence Agenda held an evening debate in Brussels, for a discussion on the cyber-security landscape in Europe and the possibilities offered by … Continue reading

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Why Belarus is different

  by Manuel Tornago The Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies and the Office for a Democratic Belarus had recently organized a conference on the subject of Belarus’ internal politics … Continue reading

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The Dronisation of Wars – “La Dronisation de la Guerre, entre Stratégie et Normes?”

by Manuel Tornago During the event “La Dronisation de la Guerre, entre Stratégie et Normes?”, organized by the Madariaga College of Europe Foundation and held on 13 June 2014 in … Continue reading

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2014 – Afghanistan in Transition

By Manuel Tornago “Are we going to witness a security crash followed by an economic break-down?” Such is the opening question that Dr. Beate Maeder-Metcalf, Vice-President and Director for Regional … Continue reading

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