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Critical infrastructure protection in the cyber-age

By Manuel Tornago On June 30th, the Security & Defence Agenda held an evening debate in Brussels, for a discussion on the cyber-security landscape in Europe and the possibilities offered by … Continue reading

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Overhauling transatlantic security thinking: A conference presented by the Security & Defence Agenda

by Jared Brow The Security and Defence Agenda hosted its annual conference “Overhauling transatlantic security thinking” last week at the Palais d’Egmont, which provided an opportunity for debate in the … Continue reading

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The 10 Best Articles on International Security Issues this week

Each week we provide a collection of 10 must reads from around the web on issues pertaining to international security. Simply click the article title to open a new tab. … Continue reading

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The EU’s Information Security: The Social versus the Technical Aspect

by Alexander Svitych The following is a guest post as a third part of a new series from the author. Views expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect … Continue reading

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A Call For Innovation: Technology In The International Security Industry

by Akash Radia In 2004, unabashed apathy shrouded the level of atrocities occurring in Sudan. Reporters and humanitarian aid was severely restricted [1] whilst ethnic cleansing of Sudan’s non-arab population … Continue reading

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International Regulation of Cyber-Warfare

by Nina Levarska ISIS Europe attended the event entitled “International Regulation of Cyber-Warfare.”  The speakers were Lieutenant Colonel Jan Stinissen, Senior Analyst at the Legal & Policy Branch of the … Continue reading

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European strategy: is now the moment?

by Myrto Hatzigeorgopoulos Calls for the formulation of a European grand strategy are a common place amongst EU security and defence analysts and practitioners across the Brussels community. It is … Continue reading

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North Korea 2.0 – The use of social media as traditional media

by Francois Ducrotté North Korea and South Korea are still in state of war including different tensions such as: Nuclear, propaganda, cyber attacks, tunnel, invasion, role of the major powers … Continue reading

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