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Policy Brief: The Curious Case of NATO-Russia Relations: Keeping Open the Political Dialogue

by Raluca Csernatoni Since the end of the Cold War many critical voices have questioned NATO’s raison d’être and whether NATO has outlived its original usefulness. Current events, from the … Continue reading

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Policy Briefs: European Energy Security in Light of the Ukraine Crisis

by Jared Brow Escalation of the crisis in Ukraine has directly threatened energy security in Europe and is forcing policy makers to evaluate the lack of diversification among European energy … Continue reading

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The Crimean Gambit And Putin’s Motivations

by Alexander Svitych The following is a guest post. Views expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ISIS Europe. In the year 1945 the … Continue reading

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From Cold-War zero-sum to win-win scenarios between Russia and the West – The Black Sea is freezing again

by Raluca Csernatoni Strong hegemonic interests in the Black Sea Region “If Ukraine is crushed while the West is simply watching, the new freedom and security in bordering Romania, Poland … Continue reading

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Gas in East Mediterranean: a complicated story

by Elena Marda The Energy Roundtable Breakfast organised by the Institute Français de Relations Internationales (IFRI) on 4 June 2013 on ‘East Mediterranean New Offshore Gas Resources: What’s in for … Continue reading

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