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The 10 Best Articles on International Security Concerns this week

Each week we provide a collection of 10 must reads from around the web on issues pertaining to international security. Simply click the article title to open a new tab.

This week’s top 10 (in alphabetical order) are:

Afghanistan’s Failed Transformation

The New York Times

If the country is to survive in one piece, its new leaders must act fast to correct the failures of the last decade.

Al-Sisi Ascendant

The Economist

The general has had a good first 100 days – at the cost of political freedom.

A New Focus on Foreign Fighters

The New York Times

The United Nations Security Council should take on the growing threat of foreign fighters, but it must adhere to the rule of law and human rights.

Avoiding old mistakes in the new game of Islamic politics

The Washington Post

Policymakers should avoid a return to the pattern of opportunistic alignments with autocrats that serve U.S. policy well in the short term at tremendous long-term cost.

A year after Mali war ends, is justice too long delayed?

The Christian Science Monitor

The Malian government pledged to offer redress to those harmed in 2012-13 when radicals tried to turn the north into a caliphate. But so far it has not delivered.

Bridging the Two Tunisias

Foreign Policy

So far Tunisia’s revolution has managed to bridge the gap between secularists and Islamists. But can that precarious accord make it through election season?

Europe’s New Frozen Conflict

Carnegie Europe

The last thing that Europe needs is another frozen conflict. But that is what is happening in eastern Ukraine after Russian and Ukrainian leaders met in Minsk on September 19 to agree to a buffer zone between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels.

Hot Water in Ukraine

Foreign Affairs

Residents of Ukraine are frustrated and anxious. Facing increasing economic hardship, they have little hope that things will get better. Indeed, things couldn’t get much worse.

Thank you for Bombing

Foreign Policy

Why al Qaeda might be the biggest winner of America’s airstrikes on the Islamic State.

The Fight of Their Lives

The New Yorker

The White House wants the Kurds to help save Iraq from ISIS. The Kurds may be more interested in breaking away.


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