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The Cost of UN Peacekeeping – A Good Deal or a Waste of Money?

By Saara Ilmonen Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies in cooperation with VVN organised a lunch lecture with a topic of “The Cost of UN Peacekeeping – A Good Deal … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines: Somalia

By Saara Ilmonen There are promising signs of progress in Somalia, but it still remains the country that first comes to mind when thinking of a failed state. The country … Continue reading

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The UN Security Council: Is it bankrupt?

by Saara Ilmonen The EGMONT Institute, together with United Nations Associations in Belgium, Vereniging voor de Verenigde Naties and United Nations Regional Information Centre, hosted an event ‘The UN Security Council: … Continue reading

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Lessons learnt from the Gulf of Aden operations

by Saara Ilmonen The Security and Defence Agenda organised an evening debate on ‘Lessons learnt from the Gulf of Aden operations’, with speakers Robert G. Bell (US Mission to NATO), … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines: Turkey

by Saara Ilmonen Similarly to Egypt, Turkey has often been presented as a model to the rest of the Muslim world in how to successfully strike a balance between religion … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines: Egypt

by Saara Ilmonen Three years after the revolution that toppled the regime of Hosni Mubarak in January 2011, Egypt has not managed to fulfill many expectations that its own citizens … Continue reading

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International Observation Of Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum

by Saara Ilmonen The Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD), together with MEP Eija-Riitta Korhola (EPP) hosted a roundtable on ‘International Observation of Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum – Challenges Ahead’ … Continue reading

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Is corruption holding Europe back?

by Saara Ilmonen The European Policy Centre (EPC) and Transparency International (TI) organised an event “Is corruption holding Europe back? Lessons from the first EU anti-corruption report” to mark the … Continue reading

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Turkey – back to the old days? The current state of EU-Turkey relations

by Saara Ilmonen Following the recent developments in Turkey, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in cooperation with TUSKON hosted an expert meeting “Turkey – back to old days? The current … Continue reading

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Future of European defence

by Saara Ilmonen Following last December’s EU Summit and its conclusions on CSDP, the European Policy Centre (EPC), the Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF) and the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) … Continue reading

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Behind the headlines: South Sudan

by Saara Ilmonen South Sudan is the world’s youngest state. Its independence in 2011, following the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement with Sudan, ended the longest civil war in Africa. Subsequently, … Continue reading

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