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What Perspectives for the US on the Middle East?

by Elena Marda The discussion at the Brussels office of the German Marshall Fund of the US resembled more to a talk show than to an ordinary think-tank discussion. In … Continue reading

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Redrawing the security map

by François Ducrotté and Elena Marda 2003 was the landmark year of the EU’s adoption of the European Security Strategy. 10 years later, what has changed in the security landscape … Continue reading

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Syria: what impact for the Region and Partners?

by Elena Marda The events in Brussels about the Syrian conflict are numerous. The event organised by the German Marshall Fund of the United States  consisted in a discussion between … Continue reading

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Gezi Park: From camping to campaigning

by Elena Marda It was one of these rare cases, where the panel was consisting of a majority of women; and no, the subject of the conference was not gender … Continue reading

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‘To region or not to region’

by Elena Marda In a wonderful building ideally situated next to the Parc de Cinquantenaire, the European Geopolitical Forum and TUSIAD hosted an event on ‘Networked Regionalism as Conflict Management … Continue reading

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Gas in East Mediterranean: a complicated story

by Elena Marda The Energy Roundtable Breakfast organised by the Institute Français de Relations Internationales (IFRI) on 4 June 2013 on ‘East Mediterranean New Offshore Gas Resources: What’s in for … Continue reading

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Should the EU become a mediator?

by Elena Marda Should the EU become an international peacemaker? Does the EU have the leverage to become one? Would a European Institute of Peace be of added value?  These … Continue reading

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Elections in Pakistan: still far from a ‘Pakistani Spring’

by Elena Marda The recent Pakistani elections have received sustained attention by the world media and the appointment of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister spurred optimism regarding the relations of … Continue reading

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Muslim Democracy ASAP?

by Elena Marda The latest Committee of Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament was not an ordinary one. This time it was a high level session on ‘Understanding Political Islam: … Continue reading

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The carrot without the stick: Kosovo and Cyprus

by Elena Marda With the carrot of European integration hanging above their heads, Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Serbia’s leader Ivica Dacic finally reached a 15 point settlement on … Continue reading

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Much ado about what the EU can do in Syria

by Elena Marda On April 24th, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung along with IKV Pax Christi presented its new policy paper on ‘What can the EU do in Syria’ in front … Continue reading

24/04/2013 · 1 Comment

Follow-up on Spinelli Debate on Arab Spring: Is Europe present, but slow?

by Elena Marda The Spinelli Debate in the EP last Thursday was the success that every communication assistant dreams of. Plenty of attendants, valuable speakers, great discussion. On my way … Continue reading

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Men and sexual violence in Syria: de-constructing the taboo

by Elena Marda Sexual violence during conflicts is not exactly news. Rape has been thoroughly used as a weapon of power in several cases in the Balkans and Africa. While in … Continue reading

08/04/2013 · 3 Comments


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