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Beyond Arms Control: What Next for the EU in Syria?

by Nina Levarska ISIS Europe attended the event “Beyond Arms Control: What Next for the EU in Syria?” organized by Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation. The speakers were Leila Vignal, … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines: Kashmir

by Nina Levarska ‘We have declared that the fate of Kashmir is ultimately to be decided by the people. That pledge we have given (and the Maharaja has supported it) … Continue reading

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International Regulation of Cyber-Warfare

by Nina Levarska ISIS Europe attended the event entitled “International Regulation of Cyber-Warfare.”  The speakers were Lieutenant Colonel Jan Stinissen, Senior Analyst at the Legal & Policy Branch of the … Continue reading

06/11/2013 · 1 Comment

Cyber-warfare: Are we Ready?

by Nina Levarska According to the Economist magazine, “(n)o country has yet gone to war in cyberspace…Yet the vulnerabilities of modern society are multiplying, hugely expanding the ‘threat surface’—the scope … Continue reading

29/10/2013 · 1 Comment

Killer Robotic Insects: Protection of Civilians or Battle against Morality?

by Nina Levarska Even though it might sound like a chapter from a science fiction book, it seems that the military future rests on the robotic birds and insects. The … Continue reading

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