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Post 2015 Objective Peace: Development and Insecurity

by Nic Watkins ISIS Europe visited the EU Development Days event in Brussels.  Organised by the European Commission, the event brings together development workers looks to build a consensus on … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines: Nepal

by Nic Watkins Nepal suffered a traumatic Maoist insurgency from 1996 to 2006.  Since the end of the civil war the country has faced a long struggled to entrench democracy … Continue reading

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What is wrong with the UN Development system and how to fix it?

by Nic Watkins The UN development system was the topic of conversation for a conference hosted by the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies.  Guest were invited to hear a … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines: Myanmar

by Nic Watkins The last few years have seen Myanmar emerging from decades of authoritarian rule.  As the military began to withdraw from power the international spotlight turned onto the … Continue reading

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Finally a deserving winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?

by Nic Watkins The 2013 Nobel Peace Prize winner was announced this morning, with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) receiving the prize.  It seems the recent … Continue reading

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Politico-military dynamics of European crisis response

by Nic Watkins Politico-military dynamics of European crisis response was the topic of conversation as Dr Alexander Mattelaer launched his new book (of the same name) at the Institute for European … Continue reading

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The sorry state of European military strength

by Nic Watkins Europe was famously described as a “military worm” by Mark Eyskens, Belgian foreign affairs minister in 1991; but in light of the current situation perhaps that was … Continue reading

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The New Deal for Somalia; The Real Deal?

by Nic Watkins The international community, led by the European Union (EU) met in Brussels this month pledging 1.8bn Euros ($2.4bn; £1.5bn) and endorsing a three year plan for Somalia’s … Continue reading

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