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Policy Briefs: Libya’s Rubicon – From Democratic Transition to Civil Chaos

by Raluca Csernatoni After almost two years since the July 2012 elections, the Libyan crisis has not shown any signs of de-escalation: the country continues to face political turmoil, tribal … Continue reading

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The 10 Best Articles on International Security Concerns this week

Each week we provide a collection of 10 must reads from around the web on issues pertaining to international security. Simply click the article title to open a new tab. … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines: Turkey

by Saara Ilmonen Similarly to Egypt, Turkey has often been presented as a model to the rest of the Muslim world in how to successfully strike a balance between religion … Continue reading

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The Role of the Media in Conflict

by Francois Ducrotte Russia organised and took away the most Gold medals at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sotchi. However, hosting made them vulnerable to criticism from the western media … Continue reading

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What’s next for NATO?

by Myrto Hatzigeorgopoulos Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General of NATO, was speaking at a morning Carnegie Europe event on 19 September. In the sumptuous rooms of the Concert Noble, with the … Continue reading

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The Syrian Crisis and Chemical Weapons: Wrong way in, which way out?

ISIS Europe just published an occasional paper on the  Syrian crisis and Chemical Weapons. The conclusions of this three-page paper are the following: […] Before things go too much further, … Continue reading

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Syria: what impact for the Region and Partners?

by Elena Marda The events in Brussels about the Syrian conflict are numerous. The event organised by the German Marshall Fund of the United States  consisted in a discussion between … Continue reading

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Idées pour renforcer l’influence régionale de l’UE

  by Francois Ducrotté – Bruxelles, 15 Mai 2013, présentation du rapport “Think Global-Act European. Thinking strategically about the EU’s external action” (Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, Avril 2013) –  Le … Continue reading

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MENA: players, plans, positions

by Myrto Hatzigeorgopoulos The first day of the two day conference on “Europe’s Southern Neighbourhood” organised by Carnegie Europe, in collaboration with Egmont, the European Parliament and the Swiss Federal … Continue reading

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Syria’s opposition: who is who?

by Lorène-Fara Andrianarijaona On Wednesday 8th of May, the CNAPD (Coordination Nationale d’Action pour la paix et la Démocratie) invited Mr. Paul Delmotte, Professor and specialist on Middle-East, to help … Continue reading

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Muslim Democracy ASAP?

by Elena Marda The latest Committee of Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament was not an ordinary one. This time it was a high level session on ‘Understanding Political Islam: … Continue reading

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Follow-up on Spinelli Debate on Arab Spring: Is Europe present, but slow?

by Elena Marda The Spinelli Debate in the EP last Thursday was the success that every communication assistant dreams of. Plenty of attendants, valuable speakers, great discussion. On my way … Continue reading

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Has the Arab Spring failed? Is Europe conspicuously absent?

by Lorène-Fara Andrianarijaona On Wednesday 10 April 2013, the Spinelli Group organised a debate on the conclusions that could be drawn two years after the beginning of the Arab Spring. On … Continue reading

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The Neighbours of the EU’s Neighbours: Diplomatic and Geopolitical Dimensions beyond the ENP

by Evita Mouawad The first day of the “Neighbours of the EU’s Neighbours” conference, hosted by the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at the College of Europe … Continue reading

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